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    hire better

    mobile, bilingual and compliant technology is a "virtual recruiter" working 24/7 to find local workers who meet your criteria - our powerful real time analytics help you improve your recruiting process end-to-end
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    hire faster

    your job reaches in real time local & screened workers in the jobaline network who meet your criteria and it also runs in +100 leading job boards and non profits - your search runs 24/7 until you hire the workers you need and our clients hire 50% faster
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    lower cost per hire

    your search runs 24/7 but you only pay per results: you can choose to pay per hire or per local & screened candidate - our clients report 60% savings or more

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Applicants depend on their phones. By making it easy for candidates to apply from any mobile device we're able to reach more candidates and improve the quality of our candidate pool

Richard Ombrellaro, Franchise Owner

having a mobile recruitment solution that completely automates the prescreening process is critical. It has allowed our area managers to focus on qualified candidates who live nearby

Brian Cassidy, CiCis Pizza Vice President Operations

With Jobaline, I get a healthy list of people who meet our exact specifications, all before I have glanced at a resume or made a phone call

Tricia McCallum, Pillar Hotels & Resorts

We’ve been able to reach a much larger pool of applicants. I also appreciate that I don’t have to do any of the pre-screening myself, which saves me a lot of time

Esther Jimenez, Bank of the West